“One of the biggest challenges we face as coaches is guiding people to experience the change they want to create, before they actually SEE a difference in their lives. Barbara is unique as a coach because she is highly skilled in creating somatic or embodied experiences of change for her clients, so they are more confident and able to see change in external areas of their lives – in business, personal relationships, and health. Barbara is truly on the leading edge!”
— Karen Tax  (The IAM Way)

“Finding the right words to recommend Barbara Moore is like to trying to describe an exquisite painting. The experiences she has created for me as her client leave me awestruck. Regardless of what emotional, physical or energetic condition I arrive in, Barbara always sends me on my way feeling recharged, rejuvenated and restored to my core. Her combination of modalities, and the effortless way she combines them to meet my specific needs, continues to amaze me. I have referred Barbara to both family and friends over the years, and they all had the same reaction, “where did you find her!?” If you a looking for a respite from the grind, or renewal for your mind, body and spirit, Barbara’s studio in Pittsboro is worth the visit. The place is a sanctuary, and she is sage.”
— Kathleen O’Grady  (Raleigh Coaching, LLC)

“Barbara is magical. Really. She is tuned-in to energies around us and emanating from us that are invisible to the eye, yet are perceptible to those, like Barbara, who have a high level of consciousness and a sensitive, compassionate heart. Whether it is through skillfully guided verbal coaching or bodywork, Barbara, helps me to expand my heart, mind and body. I leave her care feeling light and like anything is possible.”
— Regina Bartolone  (Bartolone Coaching, LLC)

“Living a truly fulfilled and successful life is a natural byproduct of having a clear Vision, Passion, Purpose, and a Support System. But how often in life can we say that we have people in our corner that consistently teach us how to draw those things out of ourselves? In the years that I’ve known Barbara I can safely say that she has exhibited nothing short of an authentic and sage like wisdom that has had a direct and positive impact on my life. To have her as a teacher and a friend continues to be an honor for me and I’m sure it will be for you as well.”
— Theresa Amaya  (Polyzen, Inc)

“Barbara is a deeply experienced, talented healer and wise woman with a special gift for understanding and offering exactly what I need when life/work ties my body-mind-spirit into knots! She’s an intuitive, sensitive, savvy massage therapist, coach, and more… who masterfully integrates her diverse skills for the client’s benefit. It is a blessing to know Barbara and I recommend her highly!”
— Julie Mitchell  (CoachWalks®️)